About Us



I started this business with a mission to share my love of an intentional relaxation time with a quiet cup of whatever brings you joy. 

For me, quality work-life-balance means taking the time for yourself at the end of the day to relax and unwind and reflect on the day. Also, what about starting your day with a little quiet time before heading out on our important roles as a mother, father, best friend, boss, nurse, teacher, and the list goes on.  What better way to do that than while having a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever brings joy to your cup.

One day while having my “quality me time” I picked up some yarn and crochet hook and made a cover for my favorite mug.   An accessory for your mug?   Why not?   Making cozies while having some down time is some of the best relaxation.  So, I started a shop to hopefully enhance other’s “me time” as well and here we are.  Since 2018, with the help of my daughter, we have been making and sending cozies all over the country.  They are all truly made with love and we take care in our process and packaging to provide a unique experience to the receiver❤️

In the past year we have started adding mugs to our shop which have messages that we hope will bring inspiration, humor, self-care, etc…

If you find yourself here, my hope is that our products will enhance your relax, unwind, and reflect time or help you start your day with a smile on your face and in your heart.