Enhance Your Iced Coffee!

Enhance Your Iced Coffee!

Summer is the best time for iced coffee. I like my iced coffee plain most of the time. It is a wonderful way to cool off in the afternoon.

Occasionally I like to upgrade my iced coffee!

Here are some awesome ways to make it more interesting:

Add some simple syrup.

Vanilla is always a favorite but what about pumpkin, mint, or even hazelnut. There are so many flavors out there.

If you prefer natural sugar, try a spoonful of maple syrup, molasses, honey, or agave. 

 Add some sauce.

Sauces such as caramel, chocolate, or even butterscotch can be drizzled over iced coffee for a wow treat.

 Add some spirits.

If you like a little something in hot coffee, why in iced coffee.

Try blending it.

Put your coffee, ice, and cream in the blender and wha la.. a most awesome frosty!

 Make a coffee float.

With ice coffee, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream, wow!!

What is your favorite way to tweak your iced coffee?

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