Oatmeal Coffee Cozy Sleeve


  • This cozy will protect your hands from your hot and cold drinks year-round. Perfect for at home, in the office, and makes a great gift!

    • SIZE: It measures approximately 4 inches in height. Handmade to fit 12 to 20 oz to-go cups. Custom requests are welcome for other sized cozies. Cup is not included.
    • CARE: Gentle handwash and lay flat to dry.
    • FUNCTION: Slide the cozy over your to-go cup from the bottom and push up to a place that is comfy for you. Place the wrap around your cup before pouring your beverage.
    • GIFTABLE: Your mom, sister, friend, co-worker, and many others will love this fall cozy. For birthdays, housewarmings, Thanksgiving, and many other occasions.